About Us

About The Company

IM BUILDCON group has embarked on creating opulent real estate ventures. Based out of Mumbai, the group focuses mainly on undertaking real estate projects in the residential space throughout the ever growing & booming Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Over the last almost half a decade, the Group’s core focus has been developing aesthetic residential properties within projects involving redevelopments, vacant lands, slum encroachments, etc. However, we have jointly worked on infrastructure, commercial as well as residential projects in other parts of Maharashtra and Chennai. Over the years, we have also developed a strong competency and strength in Slum Rehabilitation & Government related projects.

Our team includes seasoned multi-disciplinary professionals, with a robust background and experience in the real estate space. Combining the core values of integrity, equality, commitment, honesty, hard work, innovation and excellence with a keen desire to excel in our ventures, IM BUILDCON has gained enormous admiration from all its patrons, investors and stake holders in the world of real estate.

We believe in adding value to all our clients, by providing time efficient and cost effective products and services and designing best in class residential homes & commercial assets. Our constant endeavor in precision planning, superior amenities, excellence in quality and timely completion have made us synonymous with Quality Construction and Reliability.

We are extremely passionate about our work and constantly strive to achieve our targets no matter what size, scale and nature of the venture.

Our motto is “We Stand Where Few Stood”™. We love to take on challenges and ensure we see them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality delivery standards.


Our Vision
Satisfied clients. Plain and simple. Our every endeavor is aimed at adding a satisfied client our every expanding family of satisfied patrons.
Our Motto
“WE STAND WHERE FEW STOOD”. We believe that the environment is constantly changing and with each such change, will emerge new challenges and concerns. We wish to reiterate that we love challenges and enjoy taking on every one of it.
Key Strengths

Management experience in identifying and procuring land parcels and development projects in strategic locations with prospects to benefit both our investors and end users.

Robust technically qualified team with significant experience in various aspects to undertaking a real estate projects.