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Luxury Residential Projects in Goregaon

Real Estate Company in Mumbai

Welcome to the World of Integrity, Dedication, Innovation, Excellence and Reliability

IM Buildcon, a name synonymous with authenticity, commitment, innovation, ethics and excellence, is a decade-old real estate company in Mumbai. Building a wide range of residential and commercial projects across Mumbai, Palghar & Chennai, the company has developed more than 10 lakh sq. ft. of properties across these cities. We strive to provide the best luxurious lifestyle for all our clients.

Since our inception in 2011, IM Buildcon has been at the forefront in integrating contemporary architectural ideals with a complimenting lifestyle, amenities, first-rate infrastructure, prime locations, premium materials, and cost-effective luxury.

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Real Estate Developers in Mumbai - IM Buildcon

Everyone is skilled in something. For us, it's building homes. We create a place you can ultimately call home and find all of your comforts. We excel at it, and as a result, we have earned the reputation of Mumbai's most reliable real estate builders and developers. Since our establishment in 2011, we have worked tirelessly to contribute to architectural brilliance in order to create luxury residences in Mumbai while adding a new dimension to the city's infrastructure.
We are among the best real estate companies in Mumbai because of our robust engineering and transparency in business practices. With our opulent residential projects in Mumbai, we hope to spread our philosophy of producing the most exquisite, elevated, and skillful results while maintaining our position as Mumbai's most coveted developer. Since our main goal is to make our customers happy, we intend to shed more light on factors of transparency and customer-friendliness in the bigger picture for them. Our team is completely committed to creating elegant living environments and offering the best customer service to our customers. We are committed to providing our clients with elegant lifestyle spaces, which is made possible by our meticulous approach to our artistic ability and dedication to our clients. We are now considered to be among Mumbai's top builders and developers of real estate. We have developed a diverse range of real estate projects in Mumbai, Palghar, and Chennai, delivering more than 10 lakh square feet of residential and commercial properties to date, many of which have emerged as key landmarks in these cities.
As one of the best real estate companies in Mumbai, we hold our team, who is filled with inspiration, creativity, and energy, accountable for inspiring us to create magnificent commercial and residential projects in Mumbai. We strive to make the buying process as simple & effortless for our valued customers as the living experience. Because of their expertise in their respective technical fields, our team values having responsive, engaging interactions with our clients.
We are thrilled to announce the launch of Applaud 38, one of Mumbai's finest residential developments, which offers spectacular 1 BHK & 2 BHK Apartments in Goregaon for those looking for their long-awaited dream home in the dream city of Mumbai. This 38-story residential project in Goregaon is the ideal choice for you to put your dream home in your future because it is tastefully constructed while prioritizing quality in accordance with international standards. We believe in providing the finest for our clients, and this project is no exception, since it is located in one of the prime neighborhoods of Goregaon, in the heart of Mumbai.


Message from the MD

Quote“My work is an extension to my father’s life, vision & dreams of creating & delivering value to our customers with the actual Real Estate spirit”

Emrran Khan

Chairman & MD


The Philanthropic Activities

IM Cure. IM Care. IM Commitment.

Our philosophy of "Cure," "Care," and "Commitment" has motivated us to provide some of the best features of contemporary medicine and healthcare under a single multi-functional premise.

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