Tips to Add Green Touch to Your Property in Goregaon

There have been studies that prove that being around greenery positively affects humans so when you are out buying a residential property in Goregaon make sure you decorate it with a lot of green life. In our busy life visiting nature could prove tough but we could bring nature home when you buy a home in new residential projects in Goregaon. You don’t need to visit natural reserves to feel nature, you could make your home feel fresh. You can create your very own natural den inside your apartment in luxury residential projects in Goregaon. All you need are some good indoor plants that provide a green touch to your house to elevate your spirits and provide your healthy home with an idyllic environment. Here are some tips on how you could be greener throughout your house by using various plants

1.  Kitchen Plants:

Having plants in your kitchen is a great step towards a greener home. The space you have in your kitchen doesn’t matter because a small garden could be made using almost no space in the kitchen. You could have your plants in a balcony or outside the window which would add a great green touch to your house. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make sure the plants get enough exposure to light throughout the day or else they will wither. A small garden could be set up on the ledge next to the utility areas in the kitchen. Go for plants that will take a beating and are tougher to kill than John Wick. Good indoor plants such as Aloe Vera and Tulsi require minimal maintenance. Having hanging plants in the kitchen works the best in the kitchen.

2.  Balcony plants:

Most new residential projects in Goregaon now come with at least one balcony. Some luxury residential projects in Goregaon also have multiple balconies in the flat which means you get even more space to plant shrubs and make your house pleasant, here are some suggestions for the same:

Look for plants that could stay on railings and walls. You can use the space to grow creepers like money plants, ivy, jasmine, honeysuckle, and simple green non-flowering creepers in your garden which will become an essential part of the décor and add to the complete look and feel of the house while also bringing you peace and good health. Use succulent plants such as Aloe Vera and cacti to add a green touch to your balcony. Succulents require very little maintenance and add to the complete look of the flora in your residential property in Goregaon. Make a vertical garden in your balcony as it is one of the classiest things you could do in your home. You can use rail planters and vertical planters to support vertical plants. Try to get plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight to grow if your balcony has limited time at which it receives light.

3.  Air-purifying house plants:

The world is in a moment of crisis and we are the people who have put the world in the position and now we are trying to fix it by combating pollution. You could make your home greener and help humanity combat the evil we have bought on ourselves. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, reduce airborne dust particulates, keep the temperature low, act as a noise repellent, and keep out harmful chemicals. This will help you stay safe in your residential property in Goregaon.

Aloe Vera is a super plant that also has excellent air purifying qualities. It will take out all the CO and CO2 from the air around it and give out oxygen. You could also keep it in your home in luxury residential projects in Goregaon to save yourself from insects and use it for its antibacterial properties. House lilies act as fantastic air purifying house plants that absorb benzene and formaldehyde, keeping your home pure while adding a green touch at the same time Snake plants and spider plants are also great air purifying house plants options.

4.  Living room house plants:

Your living room in your residential property in Goregaon deserves the most lavish plants to be kept on display. Because the living room is the place that will greet the houseguests first you should keep plants that hint at the grandeur of the house in the living room. Here are some living room houseplant ideas.

You could create a small area for your plants in the home you purchase in new residential projects in Goregaon. The plants can be placed in beautiful glass bottles, ceramic pots, and decorated earthenware. Hanging plants could help these corners light up in the living room.

5.  Bedroom plants:

If you face difficulties in sleeping certain plants could help you sleep easily in your residential property in Goregaon by making the room feel peaceful and easy to breathe in. if you have plants with a pleasant aroma they could help you feel calmer and help you relieve stress. Lavender and jasmine can transform your room and make it feel like you just walked into an aromatic flower bed. The fragrance from these plants is known to reduce heart and blood pressure and aids in providing you with a good night’s sleep. Good old aloe vera never fails to impress, even in the bedroom. Aloe vera emits oxygen at night instead of during the day, giving your lungs a break from the pollution outdoors. English ivy and rosemary are also good indoor plants, especially in the bedroom. Rosemary has a subtle fragrance that soothes your mind when you sleep.

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