Goregaon - Upcoming Residential Hub in Mumbai

Investing in real estate is one of the biggest investments a man makes in their lifetime. To make the investment bear fruits in real estate, where you buy the property will also greatly determine the return you get when you plan to move out. Every locality in the city would not fetch you the same prices. Posh and more developed localities fetch a higher price than investing in the underbelly of the city. So if you have been looking to invest in real estate in Mumbai, investing in residential property in Goregaon would be your best bet. There are plenty of new Residential Projects in Goregaon that you could pick from. But why should you invest in the Luxury Residential Projects in Goregaon? Let us see some reasons.

1. Transportation.

When you buy a house the biggest concern you might have is how you will commute to and from work daily? You must throw that worry out of the window because; buying a residential property in Goregaon means you are well connected with most of the city. Goregaon is a hub for both western and central railways which means you would catch trains running to the whole city from Goregaon. Luxury Residential Projects in Goregaon are also present around the western express high for you to be well connected to the city. Other roads run through Goregaon that makes the commute to the city a breeze.

2. Locality.

You wouldn’t need to worry about your safety if you buy a residential property in Goregaon. Goregaon has been deemed to be one of the safest localities in Mumbai which means you wouldn’t need to worry about your safety. Other than safety, Luxury Residential Projects in Goregaon have changed the face of Goregaon. These new Residential Projects in Goregaon make the locality look well-planned in comparison to other localities in the city. Even the roads in the locality are well built giving the whole area a very posh feel. Buying a residential property here as an investment could prove fruitful because the demand is increasing for the properties in the area.

3. Amenities.

Let’s look at the basic amenities first. Goregaon enjoys an uninterrupted electricity supply to the locality with no power outages. Mumbai has had a bad reputation when it comes to the water supply because of the shortages it faces during summer. You would be happy to know that Goregaon receives 24-hour water supply from the municipality in Mumbai. This makes living in Goregaon very easy.

Goregaon other than basic amenities has excellent miscellaneous amenities as well which help the living experience in the locality blissful. If you buy a residential property in Goregaon you get some of the best hospitals in the city and most reputed schools in the city. Goregaon has access to branches of every bank you could imagine. Goregaon is not just a residential hub but also a commercial hub. Goregaon is also home to Bollywood, it means Goregaon houses film city. Just the existence of film city is making the demand for new Residential Projects in Goregaon increase. There are plenty of theatres and malls that you could visit and the locality also has many social spaces where you could socialize with your friends.

4. Prices.

Despite all the advantages that Goregaon has, owning a residential property in Goregaon is an affordable affair when you compare it to other parts of the city. Luxury Residential Projects in Goregaon are priced at a reasonable rate so that you could still afford to buy a house in these projects. Buying a house in Goregaon is still cheaper than many lesser developed localities in the city. Also if you are investing money in the property; the rates are set to only go up due to an increase in demand which would guarantee your investment would be fruitful. 

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