Documents Required In Your Home Buying Process

When you are out buying a residential property in Goregaon you understand how tough the buying process really is and knowing even the smallest thing about the process will help you greatly. If you are investing your money on new residential projects in Goregaon or buying affordable homes in Goregaon knowing what documents you need to take care of will help you greatly. Goregaon is an upcoming suburb of Mumbai and is part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. There are many new residential projects in Goregaon ready to meet with the demand of consumers. You might know a lot about Goregaon so let us tell you about the document you would need.

1.   Title Deed.

Look out for title deeds and make sure the builder hands it over to you when you buy affordable homes in Goregaon. The title deed is the document that will prove that you own the property which makes it even more important for you to make sure you are handed over this document by the builders. The deed is also very important when you decide to sell the residential property in Goregaon that you purchased. The buyer needs to ask for a title deed to prove that the property belongs to the seller and documents for purchase will be built on the title deed. The sales deed when you are reselling the house will be built on the title deed so make sure you take the document when you purchase a flat in new residential projects in Goregaon.

2.   House plan approval.

First-time buyers need to understand how important it is to know whether the plans of new residential projects in Goregaon were approved or not to save them from evacuation and other headaches later down the road. You would be given a document of the plan by the builder that states the plan was registered with the local building authority for a new residential project in Goregaon that you are going to buy your home in. Don’t proceed without that paper as the building might not be registered or not be approved entirely.

3.   No Objection Certificate.

No objection certificate or NOC should be taken from the seller when you buy affordable homes in Goregaon or any type of property. The certificate is the holding piece that lets the buyer proceed with the procedure of buying the property and later on the seller can’t hold any claims or change the terms of an agreement they agreed on and clears the property for sale. obtaining a NOC is mandatory by the law for the buyer before going ahead with the purchase of the residential property in Goregaon.

4.   Sale deed.

Check for the title of the property that you are going to buy before you rush forward with the process and a sales deed would require that. A sales deed is the most important document you hold that proves that you are the owner of the property and have purchased the residential property in question from either the previous owner or the builder of the property. A sales deed is the proof of the transaction that took place for you to become the sole owner of the property. The sale deed needs to be compulsorily registered at your local registrar office.

5.   Completion certificate.

When you buy a residential property in Goregaon collect the completion certificate from the builder. A completion certificate is a proof that the owner needs to hold and should be provided by the builder that the building was constructed following all the norms that were set in place by the local authority. Not having this certificate could mean trouble later down the line as it would mean you could be denied facilities such as water and electricity or proper drainage from the authorities.

Here are a few documents that you should keep in mind while you purchase a property.

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